About Us

You do yoga to naturally strengthen your body. You started recycling long before they gave you the containers. You watch what you feed your body. Organic isn’t just a fad in your household, it’s a way of life.

We live by the same passionate principles here at QiRiver. It was this exact passion that prompted us to start selling eco-friendly health and fitness products. We believe sustainable products are welcome additions in every aspect of your life, especially when it comes to the well being of your body.

Our Ecora Wellness cotton yoga mats are hand woven in India using 100% natural organic cotton and natural color dyes. Following through with astute devotion to Mother Nature, the mat colors are named after elements in nature.

In the upcoming months we’ll be introducing additional yoga products and accessories as well as other health and fitness products to the site. If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t be shy. Contact us – feedback (at) qiriver.net.

About the Founders

Prior to launching Ecora Wellness, we worked in the airline industry for 15 years doing customer support, product development and marketing.

Then came the sustainable spark. The moment when we woke up and realized that we can’t wait for the world to change on its own. We believe if you want an evolution revolution you have to be willing to put your ideals on the line. Ours centered around building a business selling products that would be both gentle to the earth and wanted by those people who had tree hugging ethics. That’s exactly what we’re doing with QiRiver.


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