Why Are Cotton Yoga Mats Better For You

Posted on Mar 17, 2014
Why Are Cotton Yoga Mats Better For You

There’s nothing faddy or new about cotton yoga mats – they have been used widely in India for years now as a comfortable, sweat absorbing and natural base to ground your asanas – in fact, cotton yoga mats are considered to be the first yoga mats used in India. Thankfully now cotton yoga mats are available all over the world and are often made from 100% organic cotton like our Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats.

It’s important that no chemicals harmful to the body or the environment are used so look for a mat that is produced without toxic chemicals during harvesting and manufacturing.

If we look at traditional yoga texts, asana means seat and many asanas are described in the cross legged position. Some yoga texts more or less just speak about energy – prana, chakras and grounding.

It’s also often said that meditation should be practiced on a mat (preferably something organic such as cotton) to preserve the energy and prevent it from being lost through the floor.

The same goes for yoga. In yoga we awaken our energy using physical postures. Energy generated in this way shouldn’t be lost

Cotton is the ideal material to use for sweat producing yoga styles such as Bikram or Vinyasa. Cotton breathes and helps to regulate body temperature.

Often a rubber mat can be used under the cotton mat to provide traction and stop the cotton mat from sliding around. Water can be sprinkled at the hand and feet end of the rug to stop it from slipping (remember to leave it to dry afterwards or you risk developing a mouldy mat!)

Yoga is about generating energy (prana) so why not try our organic cotton yoga mat – you will feel instantly more natural and connected to the earth!



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