Ecora Wellness Yoga Mats

Your yoga experience is already natural… pure… spiritual. Now your yoga mat can breathe those same unadulterated qualities, while seducing your visual soul with the hues of nature.

The Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mat is hand-woven in India, using 100% organic cotton and a matching silk border.

Because we are committed to using sustainable, eco-friendly creation methods, chemicals that are harmful to the environment or the body are strictly avoided during the harvesting, manufacturing and dyeing process.

This yoga mat is durable and easy-to-clean. Plus you’ll have no worries while you’re sweating up a storm in a session of Bikram or hot yoga. We specifically used natural fibers because they easily absorb moisture. You’ll also love the fact that our yoga mats can be used on both sides.

Colors of the Ecora Yoga Mat are named after elements of the earth, including:

Agni (Red)

Jala (Blue)

Bhumi (Green)

Aakash (Purple)

Vayu (Grey)

Shakthi (Pink)

Whether you’re using it for yoga, meditation or stretching, the Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mat will have you environmentally excited from Day 1.


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  • Sarah

    I am trying to buy the ecora wellness yoga mat but can’t seem to find it anywhere, including amazon. Can you please let me know where to buy?


    • QiRiver Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      We are currently out of stock. I shall contact you when we are ready to ship and also give you a discount for contacting us.



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