Plastic and PVC versus Non Toxic Yoga Mats

Doing Yoga is an amazing way to stay healthy, fit, and limber. In addition, the meditative elements of yoga are known to reduce stress, and the effects of prolonged stress on your body. Central to yoga is the yoga mat, which is comfortable, easy to transfer, and harmless.

Well, not exactly harmless. As it turns out, many yoga mats made of plastic and pvc can be potentially harmful to your health and toxic with prolonged exposure. Lets take a look at non-toxic yoga mat alternatives, and see why going cotton can be the best thing for your Yoga routine.

Plastic vs Natural

As more and more research is done on plastics of all kinds, a growing body of disconcerting finding highlights how toxic certain plastics are to humans. It is considered one of the leading causes of cancer rate growth. Where as a plastic yoga mat is cheap and easy to come by, there is a chance that it may be toxic through prolonged exposure with your body.

Knowing this, the smart thing to do is to invest in a non-toxic yoga mat. There are many varieties available, including eco yoga mats made of cotton and specifically designed for Yoga. In addition, eco yoga mats have a number of additional benefits.

Ability to Absorb Sweat Better

An additional health concern that few people think about is using toxic yoga mats in hot conditions. For example, if you are performing hot yoga like Bikram Yoga, your sweat will get into your toxic yoga mat. This will help decompose certain chemicals in the yoga mat, releasing small doses of potentially carcinogenic material. Dangerous chemicals from plastic and pvcs have already been known to cause potential harm, including BPA. Instead of taking a chance with you health, why not settle for a hot yoga mat made from cotton and eco friendly? The entire point of Yoga after all is to center yourself and be healthy, so why not settle for the best mat for hot yoga?

Creating A Full Experience

Yoga is a beautiful and amazing way to center yourself while exercising your body and remaining flexible. Yoga is so powerful, that people have devoted living their lives according to the teachings and lifestyles championed by Yoga. If this is the case for you, then why use such an unnatural and comparatively uncomfortable plastic yoga mat? Instead of using a toxic yoga mat, try one of our non toxic organic cotton yoga mats instead. They are eco yoga mats, meaning that they are created eco-friendly, and will be able to eventually degrade instead of remaining around forever.



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