Which Is Your Favorite Color?

Posted on Mar 16, 2014
Which Is Your Favorite Color?

Our eco-friendly cotton yoga mats comes in six vibrant colors inspired by the elements of the earth

Akash (Purple) – Upper Sky or Ethereal Space                   Buy Nowon Amazon

Purple has long been the domain of the crown chakra at the top of the head, so it’s no surprise that its Sanskrit name (Akash) represents the upper sky or ethereal space. Strike your favorite meditative pose on this Ecora Wellness yoga mat and feel the warm hum of the infinite universe connecting to every fiber in your being.


Vayu (Grey) – Air/Wind (Vedic God of Air / Breath of life)         Buy Nowon Amazon

Calming whispers. Smooth sweeping motions. The coolness of a gentle winter wisp. Named after the Vedic god of air, we like to think of the Vayu (grey) yoga mat as the great energy clearer. If you want less emotion and more neutral, centered peace, this is the color for you.

Agni (Red) – Fire (Hindu God of Fire)                               Buy Nowon Amazon

Sometimes you need a little heat added to your yoga routine and the Agni (red) yoga mat is here to fan the flames of asana adoration. After just one session you’ll feel the Hindu god of fire pushing you to work harder, sweat more and trust this path of bliss.

 Jala (Blue) – Water                                                             Buy Nowon Amazon

We wanted a blue that would take us back to waves lapping gently on a white, sandy beach. A blue that might remind you of the sparkle of early morning dew drops coating nature’s skin. The Jala (blue) yoga mat fits that bill. We hear it’s perfect for restoring calmness, composure and contentment to your yoga or meditation routine.

 Bhumi (Green) – Earth (Hindu Goddess of Earth)                               Buy Nowon Amazon

Bhumi, the Hindu goddess of earth, was the inspiration behind the green of this yoga mat. As it exists in nature, green is the color of growth. It is expansive and alive… fresh and crisp. When you’re advancing spiritually, mentally or even physically, green is a healing color to invite into your yoga session.

 Shakti (Pink) – Power or Empowerment                           Buy Nowon Amazon

We often look at pink as a sweet, frilly princess. But in Sanskrit, Shakti (pink) actually means ‘power’ or ‘empowerment.’ Shakti is no pushover! This yoga mat is more like a queen reminding you of her potency rather than her passiveness.


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